Madō King Granzort


My generation have grown up watching this Anime, Madō King Granzort (슈퍼 그랑죠). I haven’t watched much of Pikachu, so I don’t know why so many people obsessed by Pokémon. But, I can guess throughout the reminiscence of watching Madō King Granzort (슈퍼 그랑죠).

Watching these kinds of anime is good since it teaches kids a notion of discipline. (Of course, there is a side effect. It is highly addictive.) Additionally, it helps to cultivate kids a sense of moral conscience that the good always beats the evils. (Once in a while, the good loses by circumstances. You need a patience and train the skills if you want to win from the evil. Additionally, there was junk food that contained the anime stickers and mini-figures sold at a stationary shop right in front of any elementary school. It’s like full of sugar without nutritional values, and probably they will not pass the PVC test of the mini figure if they test now.) And, most of all, Granzort use team work/play to accomplish each mission. Each of them has their own characters and skills that some do not have. You need collaboration with each one of them.

It seems to be very popular naming super heroes in USA, and it already set some subcultures called, Geek culture. It may be worth tracking the history of super-heroes in Asia by generation.

D.K. Won