The Beacon in the Sky

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End of the Life


We are always alone.

We always look forward to attention to feel together and feel connected, and meaningful to someone. The thing in terms of the lover or the one, we are looking for is not necessarily ours or theirs. They are just a company though the one’s own life journey. By chance with shared feeling they meet and at one point, they stay with each other and spend time together. However, the one always left is one, not two. Regardless of how intense the love is, how strong the respect exists.

Right now, I am on the road of my life journey. There are a lot of things waiting for me. But, if I say what will be end of my life, I would say, “I had great respects. I had great passions. I had a great love for my life and my being. …and I don’t have any regret for my life.”

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