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Huwon Secret Garden : 창덕궁 후원(昌德宮後苑) 비원(祕苑) 


Huwon Secret Garden is a rear garden at the prospering virtue palace that flows naturally with nature and was used as a place of leisure by the member of the royal family. The location was only available at a limited time and date. It is one of the great privileges to share this one of the most beautiful places in South Korea with you guys.

It could have been better if it was 15 days ago, which was at the middle of the autumn blossom according to the tour guide, but I am absolutely satisfied with the place and the sceneries, especially the balance of the Korean traditional architectures and harmony of its position with the great nature.

If you ever have a plan to visit South Korea, this is a must you do not want to miss out. And, I proudly recommend the place to anyone who is interested and learning in Korean cultures and Korean history.

I had an interesting sentiment when I reflect the place regarding my current privilege and life as comparing the historical places, which would be impossible to visit the area around a century ago.

So, the more pictures are coming soon. Let me take this mini trip with you.

Love and Peace.

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The Human Nature


Mencius (372 BC – 289 BC) said, “Originally, trees were beautiful on the mountain, Wu(牛). However, after the area became a capital of a big country, all the trees were cut down during all the days and nights. Of course, the trees have a tendency to keep growing but people let the livestock keep eating the grass and trees continued to be cut down on the mountain. Eventually, the mountain became bare; no trees or plants at all. Now, people say the mountain was originally bald, but how can you tell if this was the nature of the mountain? For a human being, how can you tell people are born without compassion and benevolence?”



맹자(孟子)께서 말씀하시었다. “우산(牛山)의 나무가 일찍이 아름다웠었다. 그러나 대국의 교외가되어 도끼로 찍어내는데 아름다울 수가 있겠는가? 밤낮으로 자라나고 우로에 젖어서 싹이 돋는 일이 없는 것은 아니나 소와 양을 함부로 놓아 먹이니 그러므로 저와 같이 벌거숭이가 된 것이다. 사람들이 그 벌거숭이 산을 보고 일찍이 나무가 없었다고 말해서 그것이 어찌 산의 본성이겠는가? 사람의 몸에 있는 것인즉 어찌 인의(仁義)의 마음이 없으리오.”

– 맹자(孟子)