The Beacon in the Sky

Insights for Balanced Lifestyles


The Gratitude

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– Talent with a great effort. Loads with an endless passion –

You can smile from thinking it. You can smile from doing it.

And you can smile from finishing it.

Each smile is another name of gratitude.


A Little Gentleman

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On my way back, I saw a little boy sitting on the bus chair with his mom.

He kept looking at me curiously, and started smiling at me.

I smiled back at him, and he said to his mom. “Mommy, I like him.”

“Baby! Don’t bother the gentleman. Sorry, sir!”

“I am fine.”

The little boy kept smiling at me until they got out of the bus.

I am sure he liked me since he saw his face in my face.

And, I appreciate that for this boy let me think for a moment.

Thank you, little gentle man. Great sharing! I will keep it for a while.

Good day.