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Reflection of ‘Noble Heart’

Noble Heart is an audiobook I recently listened to during my laundry day. Like many other Pema Chödrön’s lectures, ‘Noble Heart’ is worth listening to in this hustle bustle everyday life. One of the big realizations in the lecture was a concept of ego-clingingEgo-clinging is a concept, in which identify ourselves. If we identify with someone or something positive, it feels pleasant. However, this is not always the case. For example, I always identified myself as a nice guy or good guy or one who had a righteous morality in any situation.


In my perception, society actually forces one to be nice to others and to be politically correct such as avoiding confrontation. The problem is our emotions, and our lives are constantly changing, and this fixed identification, being a nice person is not always being true to ourselves. Here is the situation. I identify myself as a polite man, and I usually yield my seat for seniors or for young children on a bus. (I usually sit in the rear on the bus.) But, after an intense physical training or or feeling very stressed out from a relationship, I want to close my eyes, and pretend to sleep on the bus. Nevertheless, I stand up and suggest that others have my seat.


Sometimes, we are too harsh to ourselves. This leads to a lot of distress since it forces the idea that, ‘gotta do, should do, or must do,’ type of things. It is a good idea to give ourselves permission to take a little break from being a good man or good woman. Let your muscles of compassion and respect recover from daily exhaustion. Compassion, honesty, and respect are virtues that are supposed to spring from a natural way in a relaxed mind.

It starts with being true to yourself.




The more I am into the field, the more I become cautious to evaluate or judge a situation or a case. I used to very confident to see other’s symptoms or giving out treatment in my head with ignorance. It is my first time to learn addiction cases. And, I realized addiction is not just an individual’s lack of will power or mischievous, but addiction is more a by-product of American culture and social system.


For example, crack or heroin is popular drugs and it was very cheap seemingly. Additionally, people tried to find quick fix and immediate high with their avoidance intention. Unfortunately, there is no other great option to make money or overcome their harsh reality in a social system.

So, can I build the treatment options? Yes, I can build the treatment plans or options, but I am doubt if it would be applicable for the client’s own situations. That was because they do not have an access the decent source from the beginning due to financial reason. Especially, the population under the poverty line would be almost impossible. I need further research and source to practice the knowledge.

Most of all, finding the reason why people begin to drugs is very important. In my case, I got started my smoking for being rebellious and self medicated reason to treat myself. After understanding my relationship to others and after building and learning proper coping skills to stressful situation, I found no reason to smoke.

This is a personal model to figure out to help my self and others. To figure out motivation is prime. Why he started the drugs? However, addictions in general are much more complex than just rebellious or self-medicated in the cases above. That is because it is system not a motivation itself. Consciously manipulated policies and ignorance of humanism are the examples. It is complex. I need to study more and more about contexts and how to build a treatment in reality not in the desk.