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Edward Scissorshands : social-acceptance and a tension

Personally, I see it is a well-made movie which describes regarding social acceptance and a tension with the process. Edward, the main character’s emotional expression is worth focusing on since the vehicle which carries his emotions is not fully developed, but at the same time he still has emotions like any other community member.


Additionally, it is very interesting how one’s talent (here, the scissors) can be manipulated in domesticated ways without considering its original purpose. For this reason, his hands gave him a sort of social acceptance, but the hands gave him troubles and issues, as well.


It has been almost 26 years after the release of the movie, Edward Scissorhands (1990). But, it is worth watching the movie again since Halloween passed a few weeks ago. So, maybe now it is a better time to watch the movie mindfully without worrying about what to wear in a grotesque way.

D.K. Won

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