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A Level of Consciousness

According to Carl Rogers, the therapy is going toward a ‘constructive personality change’. What he means is that the person who meets the three basics conditions – empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard, will experience a constructive personality change.

chicago architecture[1]

I think that if these three conditions are meet, the balance of the true self and the environment – society or community is very important. The so called, European white value, autonomic or organismic values are dominant in the westernized world. So, expression of the true self to the environment is smoother.


However, in eastern culture, the self is more likely to be suppressed by the environment. Sometimes, you have to be more cautious about the outside world more than yourself. Otherwise, you would be the salient nail to be oppressed more harshly.


But, that doesn’t mean you always have to be timid about expressing yourself. You think of your relationship to others. Therefore, it is not a personal level of the actualization. It is an interpersonal connection! It is another level of human consciousness not confined by only oneself.

Trees Connection[1]

In my opinion, a personal level of self-transformation is outdated. The collective awareness based on the true connection would lead the human being toward another level of consciousness. It seems the Zeitgeist streams in this direction.


Thank you.



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