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What are your five favorite words?

이홍근_FotorThe words that I love in my life are 武 (Martial Arts), 仁 (Benevolence), 家 (Family), 愛 (Love), and 義 (Justice and Friendship).
Throughout the life, the word’s preference has changed on the list, but it has not been out of these.
I sincerely appreciate to Artist Lee for putting my way on the great artistic calligraphy.


An Idea about Seneca


Let the man who enters our house admire us rather than our furnishings. – Seneca

His Life wisdom does make sense to me. It is just amazing how he perceived the objects in a clear state of mind. He embraced the Epicures perspective, even if he were the strict Stoics. I, especially, like his view for the acknowledgement of pleasure, based on self-interest; people called friendship for their convenience. Seneca is definitely worthwhile reading.
Great start!